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    Install (instalar) Darwin Streaming Server 5.5.5 DSS from sources in U…

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    Install (instalar) Darwin Streaming Server 5.5.5 DSS from sources in Ubuntu

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    Hello guys after two hours trying to install the server finally i finished!!

    The steps:

    1. Make sure that you have: libc6-dev linux-libc-dev gcc-3.3 g++-3.3, if not:
    sudo apt-get install libc6-dev linux-libc-dev gcc-3.3 g++-3.3

    2.Download the sourcecode of DSS-Source-,but before you should create an account in to download DarwinStreamingSrvr5.5.5-Source.

    3. Extract the file directory:
    tar xzf DarwinStreamingSrvr5.5.5-Source.tar.gz DarwinStreamingSrvr5.5.5-Source

    4. Create a group and user for Darwin:
    sudo addgroup --system qtss
    sudo adduser --system --no-create-home --ingroup qtss qtss

    4.1 Not necessary,but if you want change password to qtss (user) for example “xx”
    sudo passwd qtss

    5. Enter to “DarwinStreamingSrvr5.5.5-Source” directory and type:
    ./Buildit install

    With this command start to compile DSS and creates a new directory called “DarwinStreamingSrvr5.5.5-Linux”

    6. Enter to “DarwinStreamingSrvr5.5.5-Linux and type:
    sudo ./Install

    The command will show:
    Installing Darwin Streaming Server

    Checking for and Killing currently running Darwin Streaming Server
    Warning: bad ps syntax, perhaps a bogus ‘-’? See
    Warning: bad ps syntax, perhaps a bogus ‘-’? See
    Removing previous versions of Darwin Streaming Server
    removing /usr/local/sbin/DarwinStreamingServer

    Backing up previous config files
    backing up /etc/streaming/streamingserver.xml to /etc/streaming/streamingserver.xml.backup
    backing up /etc/streaming/qtusers to /etc/streaming/qtusers.backup
    backing up /etc/streaming/qtgroups to /etc/streaming/qtgroups.backup

    Inserting path to perl into scripts..

    Creating unprivileged user to run the server = “qtss”.
    copying DarwinStreamingServer to /usr/local/sbin/DarwinStreamingServer
    copying PlaylistBroadcaster to /usr/local/bin/PlaylistBroadcaster
    copying MP3Broadcaster to /usr/local/bin/MP3Broadcaster
    copying qtpasswd to /usr/local/bin/qtpasswd
    copying createuserstreamingdir to /usr/local/bin/createuserstreamingdir
    Generating a new prefs file at /etc/streaming/streamingserver.xml
    INFO: Module Loaded…QTSSHomeDirectoryModule [dynamic]
    INFO: Module Loaded…QTSSRefMovieModule [dynamic]
    INFO: Module Loaded…QTSSFileModule [static]
    INFO: Module Loaded…QTSSReflectorModule [static]
    INFO: Module Loaded…QTSSRelayModule [static]
    INFO: Module Loaded…QTSSAccessLogModule [static]
    INFO: Module Loaded…QTSSFlowControlModule [static]
    INFO: Module Loaded…QTSSPosixFileSysModule [static]
    INFO: Module Loaded…QTSSAdminModule [static]
    INFO: Module Loaded…QTSSMP3StreamingModule [static]
    INFO: Module Loaded…QTSSAccessModule [static]
    WARNING: No users file found at /etc/streaming/qtusers.
    WARNING: No groups file found at /etc/streaming/qtgroups.

    copying relayconfig.xml-Sample to /etc/streaming/relayconfig.xml-Sample

    copying qtusers to /etc/streaming/qtusers

    copying qtgroups to /etc/streaming/qtgroups
    copying readme.txt to /var/streaming/readme.txt
    copying 3rdPartyAcknowledgements.rtf to /var/streaming/3rdPartyAcknowledgements.rtf
    copying into /usr/local/movies/
    copying into /usr/local/movies/
    copying sample_100kbit.mp4 into /usr/local/movies/sample_100kbit.mp4
    copying sample_300kbit.mp4 into /usr/local/movies/sample_300kbit.mp4
    copying sample.mp3 into /usr/local/movies/sample.mp3
    copying sample_50kbit.3gp into /usr/local/movies/sample_50kbit.3gp
    copying sample_h264_100kbit.mp4 into /usr/local/movies/sample_h264_100kbit.mp4
    copying sample_h264_300kbit.mp4 into /usr/local/movies/sample_h264_300kbit.mp4
    copying sample_h264_1mbit.mp4 into /usr/local/movies/sample_h264_1mbit.mp4
    copying into /usr/local/sbin/
    copying Admin HTML to /var/streaming/AdminHtml directory


    Installation Complete

    Darwin Streaming Server Setup

    In order to administer the Darwin Streaming Server you must create an administrator user [Note: The administrator user name cannot contain spaces, or single or double quote characters, and cannot be more than 255 characters long].
    Please enter a new administrator user name: jeanpaul

    You must also enter a password for the administrator user [Note: The administrator password cannot contain spaces, or quotes, either single or double, and cannot be more than 80 characters long].
    Please enter a new administrator Password:
    Re-enter the new administrator password:
    Adding userName jeanpaul
    Setup Complete!

    7. Open your browser (firefox) and type:

    7.1 If DSS is down! Run the DSS web server:
    sudo /usr/local/sbin/

    8. To listen a mp3 list created:
    A: http://localhost:8000/mylist (mp3 Broadcast)

    9. To watch a movie
    B: rtsp://localhost/sample_100kbit.mp4

    The followings playes works ok!

    Results for player: X: doesn’t work , OK: works, for mp3 and rstp

    mplayer A-X B-OK
    vlc A-OK B-OK
    helix X X
    ibm applet OK X

    Directories DSS

    The following table presents an overview of the most important files and directories of the Darwin server:

    /usr/local/sbin/Darwin Streaming Server —- Server Software
    /usr/local/sbin/ —- Web Frontend
    /etc/streaming —- Configuration Dir
    /etc/streaming/streamingserver.xml —- Configuration File Server
    /var/streaming/logs —- Logs
    /usr/local/movies —- Default directory for video files

    Thanks to:
    Open Streaming Server



    11 respuestas

    Juris malinens [Latvia] 

    Thank You very much!


    Did you create the user qtss before install Darwin?

    When you decompress the tar with the sources, you should have to enter to the folder “DarwinStreamingSrvr5.5.5 Source” In there you have tu run:
    ./Buildit install

    And then after compile, you should have the new directory called “DarwinStreamingSrvr5.5.5-Linux”


    The you have to run ./Install

    Check it!

    “akp/streaming/DarwinStreamingSrvr5.5.5-Source# ./Install”
    “akp/streaming/DarwinStreamingSrvr5.5.5-Source/DarwinStreamingSrvr5.5.5-Linux# ./Install”


    Ja tenho instalado o DSS, mas apresenta uma mensagem de erro quanto estarto o video pelo DSS.

    An error occurred while starting or stopping your playlist.

    Se alguem souber como resolver agradeço.

    XXX :)


    My darwin can’t load the dynamic module. What is the problem? I am using darwin 5.5.5 and ubuntu 8.04.
    i can stream thru rtsp. but cant stream thru port 80. i have activated port 80 in admin mode. this is caused by the dynamic module cant be loaded.


    Problem solved.


    For people who will be looking for the source code for 5.5.5, we found it at:


    Thanks, old link updated.

    Anthony Smith (@Backtogeek) 

    I know this is an old post but I have just spent a while writing a simple installer for DSS on CentOS its available on my blog at:

    Should also work find on any redhat based OS and Ubuntu


    Hola disculpa no había visto tu comentario, eso corresponde a una respuesta RTSP, con qué programa o script estas tratando al enviar los comandos RTSP? saludos JP.

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